Rap Or Go To The League

Growing up in Toronto there
weren't many black men we could see as an example of a thriving life outside of rappers and athletes.

Attending Ryerson we thought to ourselves, how are we going to get out of this rat race. Most importantly who can we talk to that's actually done it?

We looked around for people in Canada having that conversation and found... nobody, zilch, zero.

So we decided to change that.

This is what caused Owen and I to launch The Hustle Over Everything podcast series "Rap Or Go To The League". A series dedicated to black male entrepreneurs who don't rap or play sports.

We find vetted star entrepreneurs in:
- Travel blogging
- Photography
- Fashion
- E-sports
- Matchmaking
- Marketing
- Content production

and a lot more.

Black or not, if you want to learn from entrepreneurs who've done it. This podcast series is a great choice. 

You can listen to the full playlist here: