Hustle Over Everything is a digital media brand that creates content, products & platforms that intersect entrepreneurship & culture. 


Alex Whitfield

Alexander is Co-host and Co-founder of Hustle Over Everything. Outside of the podcast he is digital marketer and content strategist. Alex is building Hustle Over Everything to provide people the tools, philosophies and resources that he didn’t have when he began his journey into entrepreneurship. Alex is a believer in being at peace. The hustle is one of the only things that you can control when it comes to reaching your goals and creating the life you want to live. With a strong work ethic and relentless determination, you are a step closer to living a life of peace. When Alex is not working on Hustle Over Everything, he is either working out, tuned in to sports, pop culture, cooking, or planning his next tattoo which is rare because he only has two.