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How supermarkets arrange their store to get you to buy more

Strategies Supermarkets Use To Get You To Buy More

A rule of thumb when you’re going to do your grocery shopping is to never do it while you’re hungry. You’re always going to end up buying a lot more food than you were intending on buying because your hunger factored into your decision. 

What about when you’re not hungry? Let’s take a look at how your local grocery store employs a combination of strategies to get you to buy more. 

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How To Start A Curly Hair Brand with Candicia John

Episode 42: How To Build A Curly Hair Brand with Candicia John

On this podcast, we have Candicia John. Candicia runs three businesses centered around curly hair. The businesses include 'Toronto Curly Girl Meetup', Candicia's influencer business, and Curly Prints. Most notably, Candicia has a unique story. This includes the unique way she discovered the need for her business, to making it over tough personal events.

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