Wildcard Episode: Podcast Anniversary week (Part 1)

Wildcard Episode: Podcast Anniversary week (Part 1)

It's our Podiversary! This week we're celebrating our podcast running for one year together as a co-hosted podcast. We also have independently made it to the top 20 business podcasts in Canada peaking at number 14! We also peaked at number 1 in Jamaica.

Today you'll hear from us but throughout the rest of the week, you'll be hearing from some of the best podcast moments we've had on the show.

We're covering:

-The best personal stories
-The best strategic gems and
-The best sales gems

And lastly, our lessons from podcasting over the year. These will be shorter 15-minute episodes so if you haven't listened to the podcast before this is a good time to listen and get a good taste of what we bring to the table.

The hustle is what you control, so control your grind and control your life.
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