Episode 41: How To Build A National Snack Brand with Julie Wiener

Episode 41: How To Build A National Snack Brand with Julie Wiener

In this week of the Hustle Over Everything podcast, we had the pleasure of interviewing Julie Wiener.

Do you ever do a thing so well that it has people always swooning over it? It can be your artwork, your cooking, bakery, wood work, or sewing. You just do it as a hobby but you’re so good at it?

This is what happened with Julie Wiener. Julie loves making granola! Her granola always had her friends and family savouring for it. One day things took a turn when her friend’s store needed some granola. She had no one to turn to other than Julie to come to the rescue. Julie hustled her way to the kitchen and made her a bag for the week.

This bag would turn into a whole new business for Julie. She kept getting more orders and word spread around Montreal about her granola.

In this episode, you’re going to hear this story in full. You’re going to learn about:

  • Following your passion and building a business from it
  • How to unconventional brand your product
  • Not following the industry norms
  • How to take your product from the kitchen to retail shelves
  • How to innovate in the food industry

The episode will be available this afternoon at 12 AM.

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