Christina Gwira on the Hustle Over Everything podcast. She provided great tips on how to make a great website and what she's learned from building Noya designs

Episode 37: "It's Boring" - How to Create A Great Website

In this week’s episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Christina Gwira. She’s the owner of Digital Design firm Noya Designs. Noya design is a firm providing clients with websites, content, and social media marketing.

  • Christina has built and designed a plethora of websites for her clients ever since launching her business. She has become an expert in building great websites on Wordpress.
  • We got Christina to do a live critique of the Hustle Over Everything website during our podcast recording. Christina kept it raw and real when we asked her what her thoughts are and how we can improve. She didn’t hold back at ALL! She went in on us!
  • Listen to Christina’s episode below to learn the core principles of a great website. 

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