Justice for George Floyd and the protests

Episode 34: Being Black In America

George Floyd’s death this past week has brought a whirlwind of emotions to the lives of black people all over America. It’s the same story that happens again & AGAIN where a black man or woman gets murdered by police. This week was and continues to be full of pain, sadness, anger, and a period of searching for answers on how to overcome police brutality for black people all over the world.

The murder of George Floyd has become the catalyst of all the deaths where a black person dies due to police brutality. The world has come together to fight this broken system of systematic racism and oppression towards African Americans. Individuals from different backgrounds are rallying with the black community to show support and fight this battle together to find justice, and create solutions that can permanently fix this problem. We are tired of seeing trending hashtags of black people who are killed by police and have the police acquitted of no wrongdoing.

We took this opportunity to talk about the issues that plague African Americans in North America and living life as a black person. Our aim for this episode is to have it as an educational tool for individuals to gain a deeper understanding of the black experience.

In this episode we spoke about:

-The murder of George Floyd and how it impacted us as black men.

-The protests all over the world, the riots, & looting.

-Origins of police brutality and how it shapes law enforcement today.

-Jim Crow laws & segregation.

-The origins of white privilege, how it exists today, and how to use it to help marginalized groups.

-Black entrepreneurship.

-The history of racism and how the root of it is economic inequality.

-How to support black movements, groups, and black businesses.

-How to support your black friends, colleagues, and most importantly how employers can provide opportunities to black individuals.

RESOURCES TO SUPPORT BLACK EMPOWERMENT: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LHBfN_ceCMgBNYRMvFv_vw2NL8s72LRSUd9TYfIwZ24/edit?usp=sharing

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