Episode 32: Overcoming Major Setbacks To Build a Multi-Million Dollar Fleeting Business | Pierre Laguerre

Episode 32: Overcoming Major Setbacks To Build a Multi-Million Dollar Fleeting Business | Pierre Laguerre

This is one of the craziest episodes we've ever recorded. We had the special opportunity to interview a pure-bread hustler in Pierre Laguerre.  When you hear this story, you will understand what the power of perseverance and strong will power is like. 
Pierre is the CEO of Fleeting, a trucking marketplace that connects businesses that need qualified vetted drivers.  He’s a father of three and recently has been featured on The Pitch, and won $100,000 from Chamilionaire, and the Daymond John Pitch Competition AND won 50,000 from the AASU Harvard Business Fund.
We have Pierre on the podcast today to learn about how he built his trucking marketplace, raised venture capital, and building a business that is focused on serving customers problems in trucking.
Through the podcast he talks about the challenges he had to endure to build a fledging business. He talks about moving to the United States from Haiti when he was young to settling in a rough neighbourhood and how this helped him with his start in business. He fell in love with the trucking business when he dropped out of college and pursued it on a full time basis to explore the country and escape from his surroundings. 
On his way to founding, Fleeting, Pierre founded several businesses. He started a window cleaning business in New York, he built a staffing company called Mac Transport Staffing which did $2 million in revenue within 2 years. He started a trucking company called JP&L Transportation which had 11 trucks and did $1.2 million in revenue within it's first year. He founded Fleeting after experiencing a major setback for himself and being inspired by his young son who was fighting for his life in the hospital. He saw how he kept fighting and he gained this inspiration to build a technology company with his passion for tucking. 
In this episode we spoke about:
-Pierre's journey into trucking
- How trucking logistics work
- Starting a marketplace business
- Building a solution to a unique problem and 
- Raising money from investors
- Winning prestigious pitch competitions and the things you should do when you pitch 
- How to overcome setbacks to keep pursuing your dreams
- Scaling an online business 
This is is a Hustle Over Everything story from start to finish! Get your popcorn ready!


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