EP: Ep 85: Business Predictions & Birthday Reflections

EP: Ep 85: Business Predictions & Birthday Reflections

We are back this week with a new Wildcard episode. If you are a first time listener, a wildcard episode is where we have no guest on the show and we chop it up.

Today we're kicked back with some liquor on the ice as we discuss interesting things that have happened in the world, and we also get introspective with Alex celebrating his 28th birthday on June 1st.

Topics include:

- Which business do we see shutting doing in the next 5 years

- Is Drake considered black excellence?

- Alex reflecting on what he's learned at 27 and what he wants for 28

- How we have found our purpose building this businessYou're in for a great show!

Lots of stories and laughs. Enjoy the show!


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