EP 72: Hustle & Never Settle ft. Mario Armstrong

EP 72: Hustle & Never Settle ft. Mario Armstrong

In this week's episode of the Hustle Over Everything podcast, we have Mario Armstrong on the show. Mario Armstrong is an American radio and television talk show host, entrepreneur, podcaster, and public speaker focusing in the areas of personal development, entrepreneurship, motivation, technology, and digital lifestyle. 

Along the way, Mario has won 2 Emmy Awards for his show 'Never Settle'. In this episode we discuss:

- The impact of the 08 crash and how he had to begin all the way from the bottom.

- Going through multiple failures to have a breakthrough. 

- Understanding how to build a personal brand. 

- Taking action and always staying the course.

- The night he won an Emmy award.

- Building a media company.

- Working with your spouse in your business.

Mario is a high energy guy with so many stories that will leave you inspired! The episode is coming out today at 12 PM EST on all platforms. Tune in for a great show!



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