Marc Lafleur, ceo of Trulocal

EP 55: From Door-To-Door to National: Creating a D2C Brand feat. Marc Lafleur

What's up for the first-timers and welcome back to our dedicated Hustlers, this is the Hustle Over Everything podcast. A show where we unite hustlers together sharing stories, tips, and strategies to help you grow your business and become a better entrepreneur.

In this episode of the podcast, we're talking to Marc Lafleur CEO and co-founder of Trulocal. A direct to consumer company bringing fresh meat products to consumers.

In this podcast we cover:

1. Failing at two startups

2. The steps he took to establish his brand

3. The marketing tactics he used to take the brand nationally.

4. Creating a regional logistical company

5. Going on Shark Tank/Dragons Den and receiving funding from Michelle Romanow

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You can learn more about Trulocal here:

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(9:32) Business tip of the week

(16:15) Hustle Nation

(21:30) Marc Lafleur Interview

Enjoy the episode!

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