Ep.163 | How He Runs A Multimillion Dollar Menswear Business: A Conversation with Mark Brefo

Ep.163 | How He Runs A Multimillion Dollar Menswear Business: A Conversation with Mark Brefo

Hey Hustlers, welcome back to the channel! Today’s podcast episode specially caters to men as we will be deep diving into discussing men’s wear fashion. Join us in this episode of our podcast as we sit down with Mark Brefo, the creative director of Soren Custom, a leading men's wear clothing brand here in Toronto. Mark discusses:

- The ins and outs of designing custom clothing

- Working with Kawhi Leonard

- The Shift in mens fashion towards casual clothing

- Black men wearing sagging pants

We also delve into the challenges and opportunities of running a successful fashion brand in today's ever-evolving market.


00:00 Exploring Soren Custom’s Store Products: A Look Inside the Luxury Men's Wear Brand

07:28 Where is Soren custom located

11:58 Talking Fashion with Mark Brefo

15:49 What is it Like Having Kawhi as Soren Custom's Client? Behind the Scenes with Mark Brefo

20:41 Mark Brefo’s Story: From Engineering to Custom Designing Men’s Clothing

29:39 Managing the Delicate Business of Men's Wear: How Mark Brefo Balances Growth and Artistry at Soren Custom

31:51 Rewarding Loyal Customers: How Soren Custom Shows Appreciation for Its Clientele

34:32 Soren Custom’s Biggest Sale: Behind the Scenes of a High-End Men's Wear Deal

37:57 What Young Guys Need to Know When Buying a Suit: Expert Advice

42:28 The Biggest Challenges of Running a Men's Wear Business: Mark Brefo's Lessons Learned

47:08 The Shift to Casual Wear: Why Did We Stop Dressing Up? Mark Brefo's Insights

1:07:18 Starting a Men's Wear Business: Tips and Advice from Mark Brefo

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