Ep 154: From Trial to Triumph Ft. Shandel Shand

Ep 154: From Trial to Triumph Ft. Shandel Shand

Welcome back Hustlers! This episode is a different but excellent episode, we’re joined by Shandel Shands to discuss her incredible journey. We won’t give too much away but in this episode we discuss:

Business tip of the week:

Revealing the email tip that gave us a brand deal.

Hustle Nation:

The power of acting fast

In the Shandel Interview, we discuss:

Growing up in Scarborough

Getting charged with….

Going to court

Cutting off past friends and relationships

Creating a business while facing jail time

Creating an email marketing business

Email marketing tips for entrepreneurs and content creators.


This one is a top interview. Make sure you dm us  any of your thoughts.

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