Ep 146: How To Launch A Podcast In 2023

Ep 146: How To Launch A Podcast In 2023

Welcome back Hustler! Today we have a focused episode for you. We’re speaking about how to launch and grow a podcast. This episode is part 2 of our previous episode on how to launch a podcast. Since recording that episode last year, we thought we could come back and make a Focused Episode discussing the new things we have learned on growing a podcast since then.

On this episode, we’re going to get into the nuances of podcasting and the challenges you face. Launching a podcast is easy but the things that come after that will truly test your patience, desire, and stamina on being a podcaster.

In this episode we covered:

- How podcasting has evolved

- Starting with WHY when launching a show

- Branding (Name, versatility, host personality, and visuals)

- Creating revenue streams

- Equipment

- Show planning and organization

- Booking guests

- Editing your episodes


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