Ep 141 Wildcard: How Social Media Has Become Performative

Ep 141 Wildcard: How Social Media Has Become Performative

Welcome back hustlers! This week we have a wildcard episode for you. You can’t be on social media these days without seeing something that just grabs your attention, and that sucks you in.

Each day we see polarizing content that gets an internal reaction out of us which we can’t help but speak about. We’ve seen this with how Andrew Tate has risen his reach by deploying an effective strategy where anytime you go on any social platform, you can’t miss his content with his polarizing views.

Linkedin has also become a prominent platform where you are seeing people create content for shock value. But is all of this authentic?

Time stamps:

(2:00) Culture Land & Kingston Fest

(7:40) Andrew Tate Business Strategy

(16:00) Building a sustainable information business

(23:00) Hypersocial CEO photo crying on Linkedin

(29:00) How companies are laying people off

(32:00) How people flexed working at Shopify

(33:00) The positive of being laid off & unemployment

(39:00) The power of trying new things

(41:00) Personal fitness & finding the perfect t-shirt for our chest

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