The 100th Episode

The 100th Episode

Part 1

Hustlers, it's our 100th episode! In this episode, we recap our journey from creating the podcast to 100 episodes and what the future holds for the brand.

We invited a bevy of our past fan favourites to catch up with them learn from their moves over the last year. In this podcast, we spoke to David Mullings, Mario Armstrong and Ayo Duyile, here's a breakdown of topics we cover:

David Mullings:

- David creating an ETF

- The state of China in relation to Jamaica

- Entrepreneur financing

Mario Armstrong:

- How podcasters can get sponsored

- What do small influencers get wrong about podcast sponsorships

- Hosting a conference on Clubhouse

- What to say after you get the discovery call with a brand

Ayo Duyile

- Getting a job in tech at Google, Facebook and Microsoft

- Tips to having a great interview

- Negotiating a salary

And so much more. We have so much content planned for you over the next few days so if you haven't already follow us on all platforms and subscribe to us on Youtube.

 Part 2

These were two great conversations. With Paul we cover:

- Creating boundaries on social media.

- How he closes 5 figure deals as an influencer.

- Updates on his business

- Drake Vs. Kanye West

With Vivian we talk about:

- Launching a podcast with Intuit

- Creating ads with Ownr

- Creating your entrepreneurial path

- Personal life and business life

Part 3

With Suraj we talk about:

- Investing in Liverpool

- Lessons from Covid

- Building Rogue Insights capital

With Pierre we talk about:

- Raising the most of money you can raise on republic

- Building a tech company without tech experience

- Motivation during hard times as an entrepreneur.

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