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Why You Need To Start Cold Pitching Your Business & Service

You have just hit the send button on your perfectly crafted email. Your hands are trembling as you await a reply.

The idea of cold pitching is terrifying to most. It is not easy to go all out and try to get a new client. But cold pitching is as old as the art of door to door selling. It is literally presenting a product or service to an individual and explaining how it could be of benefit to them. In this case, you are the product /service and your aim is to provide value. Not for free of course. Earning an income is a huge motivation for cold pitching and here is why you should start today.

Cold pitching gets your business in front of your potential customer.The best thing about cold pitching that it is your best chance of making direct contact with your potential client. You can’t exactly set up a neon signboard on their front lawn but you can send them an email.  

Emails are visited every day. They are used to convey vital information and a beep signalling the entry of an email with an interesting subject line will most likely not be ignored.

Cold pitching lets you offer personalized services.

You have made it all the way into the mailbox. But this would still be a failure if the service that you are offering does not feel like it is directed at the client.  

To ensure that your cold pitch does not flop, you should:

  1. Use the name of the client/business you are sending it to. Be specific and address it to the relevant individual.
  2. Go straight to the point. It might feel like you are barging in without permission but that is really the only way to do it. If your email is full of a lot of text and the purpose for which it was sent is not clear, it could be dumped in the bin.

Personalized cold pitches show that you have an interest in offering services especially tailored for the targeted client.

Cold pitching gets you customers. 

The most important reason why you should be cold pitching is that it is a sure way of landing customers. Clients are literally a pitch away. There is a catch of course. Not everyone will respond. Some emails will not convince clients. Some clients would need a little nudging. Try sending out a follow-up email. Give sufficient space in between emails so that your messages do not get sent to spam.

Cold pitching helps you strategize.

The best thing about cold pitching is that you can learn from the failures and successes.

How many potential clients responded and why? Why did some emails receive negative replies or no replies at all? How many emails do you have to send out to get one response? Learn from all your mistakes and try again.

Running a business in these times is extremely competitive, it is has become the norm to devise ways to get in the faces of potential clients to let them know how your services can add value to them. So what are you waiting for? Start cold pitching now! Start cold pitching now!

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