uber suspends ride share option in Canada and US because of COVID-19

Uber Suspends Rideshare Option In US & Canada

Uber has suspended it’s shared ride option in the US & Canada in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. As we get closer to opening up the economy, Uber is requiring Uber drivers to wear face masks when using the platform in the US. Uber executives approved the new policy in a meeting last week as they plan to roll it out in the market in the coming weeks. 

Uber drivers and delivery workers will be required to wear a mask or face covering like masks. Uber had begun shipping masks to its employees but they had a short supply because the main priority was for healthcare providers. Uber is in the process of developing technology that will be able to detect whether drivers are wearing masks before they are allowed to accept trips. 

Like other companies around the world, Uber is planning on how it will bring it’s business back to normal as the country opens back up. Robyn Gershon, an epidemiology professor at New York University, said that because coronavirus can spread easily in close contact, such as in a vehicle, "absolutely positively everyone should be wearing a mask" or face covering. Those masks should be changed out frequently, she said, such as every eight hours for drivers who "work long hours." Masks should be placed into a new zip-lock bag after use and washed, if reusable, Gershon told CNN Business.

Uber in the meantime will continue to communicate with its customers when this will take place. As of right now, they are urging everyone who enters a vehicle to wear a mask or something that covers your face to protect yourself from the virus. 

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