Episode 10: Tunnel Vision with Lucas Ens

Episode 10: Tunnel Vision with Lucas Ens

In this episode, we have Lucas Ens as our guest. Lucas is the co-founder and CEO of Zky Inc. Zky has built a unique technology platform that allows them to create wearable technology for multi-purpose use. Lucas and I met while working together at GoodLife Fitness and we immediately hit it off as budding entrepreneurs.

Lucas embodies the hustler’s spirit and is a relentless entrepreneur. Lucas took the jump and moved to Toronto from Prince George British Columbia with his girlfriend to have a change in his life. While living in Toronto, he came across RFID technology. He and his friend saw this an opportunity to create a business with this technology. This opportunity would steer him into a direction of creating an impactful product.

After 4 years of going through partners, team members, he has forged a direction for the business to take its next level. Today, Lucas and his team are powering through to ensure everyone uses Zky services.

We spoke about the difficulties of all the ups and downs that come from building a startup. We speak about screening business partners, having a job while building a company, staying committed to the process, and creating a legacy.

This is an energy packed episode with gems from Lucas!

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