The best side hustles to have a side income

Side Hustles for 2020

Let’s be completely honest, almost everyone could use a little extra money. Whether your girlfriend has her eye set on an incredibly pricey ring, or you’re trying to get off that niggling student debt, another income stream is almost becoming a necessity. Day jobs are great, and having one is quite important. But if your spending needs a little more freedom, then a side hustle is just as essential. Because we care that your 2020 be as good as it can be, here’s a list of several trendy side hustles this new decade.


Freelance Writing

The explosion of digital marketing has resulted in a surge for the demand of written content. If you have a flair for creative pieces, there has never been a better time to be a writer. The world of freelance writing is vast and almost endless. From dedicating time creating niche blogs about products and earning from affiliate commissions to joining online freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork there is a high demand of individuals and companies seeking freelance writers. If that isn’t incentive enough, a survey reported that depending on your level of experience, freelance writers could earn up to $500-$3000 dollars monthly!


Become a Social Media Influencer

These past few years have been proof that you don’t have to have ANY talent at all to be an influencer and actually get paid for it. You can monetize your social media accounts by simply running ads on your page! It is important to note that most people will only patronize accounts they know have a strong follower count, so my advice is ‘consistency’. Pick a niche you want to represent and be consistent with your posts. It is also important to understand that your followers would prefer quality over quantity when it comes to the content they consume.


Freelance Photography, Anyone?

Photoshop skills and a DSLR are all you need to make it in this business. The world of freelance photography is exciting and wondrous, especially if photography is something you are passionate about. You can photograph weddings, birthdays, pets, portraits and products. You can sell your works on canvases. You can print them on t-shirts and sell those if that is what you’d rather do. You’re looking at an extra hundred or even thousands of dollars every month.


Part-Time Jobs Are Still a Safe Bet

Let's assume your regular day job leaves you with a lot of free time on your hands. There are a plethora of side gigs out there that allow you to trade your time for money. These include babysitting, waiting tables, dog walking, and so much more. Although part-time jobs do not pay as much as one would want them to, they offer some sort of ‘call-back’ security. Thus, making them a worthy mention.

This year, allow your side hustles to not only make you money but develop your skills and improve your consumer base and network. Jump out of your comfort zone, take risks. At the end of the day, you only regret the opportunities you never took.



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