How To Be Productive During COVID-19

How To Be Productive During COVID-19

We are currently living through a time we have never experienced before. COVID-19 has locked us in our homes until further notice. There is a lot of commentary on social media to come out of this period as an evolved individual.

There is pressure is to do something and use these quarantine days to learn, create, and leave this period with something gained among the constant chaos. The only thing you can control are your own actions.

This period is definitely the time to work on something. But the way you approach this period will determine your levels of productivity during this time.  

Work On Things You Actually Care About

You are now in quarantine and your mind starts racing of all the things you can do while you're at home. You think about those Italian lessons you’ve wanted to get started on, you think about learning a new instrument, oh wait! There’s also that podcast that you’ve wanted to do with your friends, there’s that course you saw Harvard is giving away for free as a response to COVID-19, and many more.

You mind gets consumed with all the things that you can do because there has never been a time like this before. All the things you’ve always wanted to do are now possible. There is no longer an excuse to say “when I have enough time, I will get started.” This is the time to do those things. With an abundance of time, you feel like you can bite off more than you can chew. 

It's great to feel ambitious and believe you can accomplish everything but you've got to focus. Focus your energy on your greatest desire and give it a 100%. If It's the podcast, go ALL in on it. If it’s learning a new skill, go ALL in. If it’s learning a new language, go ALL IN.

Becoming proficient at something takes a long time. The reason you should focus on one thing during this time is because the lockdown isn't going to last forever. You can’t be good at something if you are spreading your energy on multiple things. Choose to do one thing you truly care about for these months and see how you come out at the end when quarantine is all over.  

Wake Up Early

Being locked in quarantine can make you lose your sense of days and time. You’ll find yourself going to bed late at night just because you don’t have to be somewhere the next day. It’s important to get in the habit of getting into a strict, early bedtime and waking up early to tackle the day.

Have a routine set for yourself on how you are going to approach each day when you wake up. Your opportunity window during this time is unknown, take advantage of every hour you have to produce. 

Set Small Goals 

You’ve decided what you want to do and work on during the quarantine period. You’ve made that decision on starting that podcast or YouTube channel. Now it’s time to set some goals. There is a difference between goals and outcomes. Outcomes are things you desire to happen, and goals are targets that you aim to achieve to lead up to the desired outcome. 

Ask yourself what your desired outcomes are and what your goals are. It’s important to set this in the beginning. Start with small goals to tackle each day and go from there.

If you plan on starting a podcast, set small achievable daily goals. These goals could be to build out a show structure on one day, the next day it could be to record your first episode, or book 3 guests to interview.

When you set small daily goals, you build momentum and the feeling of accomplishing one goal fuels you to conquer the next one. When you set big goals from the jump, you will get overwhelmed and procrastinate. 

Envision The Future

You are at home all day and everyday until further notice. The hustle and bustle of being outside has been stripped away and this is the moment of solitude that you’ve needed but you never had.

There is no pressure of being outside. It’s you at home, alone with your thoughts. With all this time, what are you thinking about? What thoughts consume your mind all day? 

The way you think and envision yourself creates your future. Use this time to think about your future and what you want for yourself. What is it that you truly want? What are you going to do to get there? Are you happy with what you are doing right now?

When things were normal, there was never a time to stop and think to reflect. You were always on the go. Now is the time to really think and reflect on things.

Grab a notebook and start journaling your thoughts. Write down what you want for your future and think things through. Use meditation as a way to bring stillness to your mind and get your energy in a tranquil flow. Your thoughts, mindset and energy determine where your actions go. Take moments during your days to manifest the things you want. 

Being productive during COVID-19 is not a race of being productive. It’s an opportunity to reclaim lost time to the things you’ve always wanted to do. 

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