Mattise Thybulle showing the NBA life inside the bubble

The NBA Bubble Life with Sixers Mattise Thybulle

The NBA is officially back with the season resuming. The players are on Disney’s campus living, practicing and playing their games there until the season is over.

As fans, we want to get an inside look at how all NBA players are living inside this bubble. We’re all wondering, what do they do for fun? How is it like playing against players from opposing teams and then seeing them in the same hotel? These are all things we would love to get an inside look into.

Philadelphia 76ers rookie, Matisse Thybulle, has started a sensational vlogshowcasing life inside the bubble. Each vlog is 10 minutes long and it shows where players hangout, the conversations they are having about race, their practices, entertainment and more.

Thybulle started his YouTube channel 3 weeks ago and already has 345k subscribers.

His 4 videos showcasing the NBA bubble have averaged over 1M views.

Athletes like Thybulle are finally starting to realize the incentive they have to build their own brand.

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