NBA Bubble Life in Orlando

The NBA Bubble Life & How Players Will Live For The Rest of The Season

After a long 3 month hiatus the NBA is BACK! NBA teams are finally starting to practice in Orlando.

The NBA’s bubble will focus on creating a COVID-free zone within Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports campus. Here is what the league is doing to get the games going again. 

A few highlights:

  • Every single player has to test negative on two separate coronavirus tests in the first 36–48 hours upon arrival before they're allowed to practice as teams.  
  • The players will be offered Oura rings to monitor their health.
  • The teams are staying on Disney hotel properties, and were assigned hotels based on their position in the standings.
  • This is what the meals look like while the players are in quarantine.

Working towards tip-off: While the NBA’s bubble plan has been widely praised. There’s some concern that the short testing window might miss a positive case, bursting the bubble before games can begin late this month. But for now, the show is going on.

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