The Impact of Yara Shahidi's Deal with ABC Studios for Underrepresented Creators

The Impact of Yara Shahidi's Deal with ABC Studios for Underrepresented Creators

Yara Shahidi has inked an exclusive deal with ABC studios. 

Yara is known for her roles in black-ish and it’s spinoff called grown-ish. Yara has her own production studio arm called 7th Sun

Yara and her mother, Keri Shahidi, have signed an overall deal to highlight diverse and often underrepresented creators in the industry. The deal is going to produce scripted content for cable, streaming, and more.  

Yara has used her growing presence on TV and in entertainment to more than just being an on screen talent. She has taken the next step in being an executive producer on the show grown-ish making her the youngest producer on the network yet.

Shahidi’s relationship with ABC will come with the addition to Disney Television Studios and will be based on the site.

Diversity on television has been a topic of conversation over the past several years. In a study, titled “Behind the Scenes: The State of Inclusion and Equity in TV Writing” delved into the treatment of diverse film and TV and the findings were not so great.

Latino Representation: Out of 1,200 top-grossing films from 2007-2018, only 4.5% of all 47,268 speaking or named characters across the past 12 years were Latino. 3% were lead or co-lead actors. 77% of U.S states and territories have a population of Lations greater than the percentages seen in Hollywood films.

Asian: The Asian Pacific American Media Coalition gave out report cards to the four major broadcast networks in regards to Asian American and Pacific Islander representation.  ABC got the highest grade with a B, CBS got a B-, and NBA passed by with a C-, and Fox got a failing grade.

LGBTQ: GLAAD in 2019 published an ongoing gr report called “Where We Are On TV.” They found LGBTQ series were at an all time high and there was a significant increase in racial diversity of LGBTQ characters. The report found that networks met and exceeded this in a year with a record high percentage of LGBTQ series regulars on broadcast television at 10.2% beating last year's record high of 8.8%.

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