The Future of Remote Work

The Future of Remote Work

Facebook, Twitter, and Shopify are among the leading tech giants who have permanently shifted their workforce to working from home. This move comes after the global workforce has had to adapt to working from home due to COVID-19. 

Working from home has been an incentive that companies have adopted to refresh their employees surroundings. 

The pandemic has allowed companies to see how working from home can benefit their employees. According to an Upwork survey:

  • 56% of hiring managers think it’s gone better than expected, and one-third said productivity has increased (less than a third said it decreased). 
  • 62% plan to offer more remote work going forward. 

Working from home has it’s luxuries and also has its pitfalls.

Pros: Cutting down on commuting, saving money from eating out, no small talk, and complete focus with the right work setup. 

Cons: No team camaraderie, competition for jobs isn’t local but global, Zoom meeting apathy, no human interaction, tech issues, home distractions (kids & pets). 

With the workforce moving remote, businesses will be leaving behind vacant office buildings. This is a positive for companies who spend an enormous amount of money on rent for an office.

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