The Catch Up

This is the first episode of the “Hustle over Everything” podcast. I’ve been podcasting for about a year now and a half now. In the beginning, it was the “Owen Osinde” podcast, and then it was the “E-Comm Podcast.” The podcast went through a transition overtime as I got new inspiration and I looked at the things I was working on at the time. I came to the realization to do this a month ago when graduated from Ryerson University.

I went through so many ups and downs during my time in school. I left after my first year to pursue Recruits clothing, and it didn’t work out as I imagined it to be at the time. I got my idea to work on Sneakerdeck and my team and I spent our years in school building that app to become a success.

The whole journey of being in school was just beautiful when I look back at it. When I came back after my year hiatus, looking at the years I had left felt of schooling felt like I was looking up at a mountain. I couldn’t fathom the task I had ahead of me. I am finally done now, and it feels really liberating.

I took sometime to reflect after my last exam of this past 5-year journey. All I could think about was the hustle. The hustle is what life is all about. That was the first word that came to me when I think of the person who I was and what people would remember me for. A hustler.

The hustle is what gets us to those places we dream of going in life. The hustle is what makes you a winner. The hustle is what makes your dreams become a reality. The hustle is what gets that goal accomplished and gets you closer to your purpose.

This episode talks about that whole journey, and how I want to use this outlet to talk to others about the journey of getting closer to the things we are all working for. 

Listen to the episode here:

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