Sales 101: The Art Of Persuasion

Sales 101: The Art Of Persuasion

How do you get someone to believe in your product enough to make them buy it? The question of how to persuade customers to buy into a product has plagued salespeople from the beginning of the trade. 

Know your product 

Making a sale in its truest sense is an unselfish act. You are offering a solution to a person and not trying to rip them off. This in itself is an unselfish act. To be able to see sales like this, you must first believe you are offering a solution. You must also believe in what you are selling. You must also have an in-depth knowledge of your product so that you can give genuine answers about the benefits it can give to potential customers, doing this will help you go from seeming shady to genuine in a heartbeat.

First impressions matter

In sales, impressions are so very important. How does your customer feel when they open up their door and see you? Is there a genuine smile on your face? Not all contacts are physical. When sending an email or making a call across to a prospect, be polite and intentional about every word. When you meet a potential customer, you have a few minutes to make them decide that they want to listen to you, make those first few minutes count. 

Don’t be a stranger

When you meet a person, you do not need to start out talking about your wonder product. Start out with a real conversation. This might be hard to do but it is possible in most cases to establish areas of common interest. This breaks the ice and takes you from being just another salesperson to someone that they can identify with. 

Visualization is the key

When talking about your product, reach for their visual senses. Let them see themselves using it and accruing a form of benefit from it. Take them on a journey with you, with your words give them a feel of how your product will satisfy a need or solve a problem. Or make them see how your product will make them happy. This way you make them buy in mentally making it easy to buy in physically.

Benefits over costs

People purchase a product or service because of what they can gain from it. So the underlying reason for any sale to be made is that they see how they will derive value-form what they have bought. You persuade them and make a sale by pointing out how buying a product can align with goals and personal criteria. You have to make them see profit in giving you their money.

Be consistent

Not everyone is convinced at the initial meeting to buy a product. Some people cannot be persuaded because they do not need it at that time. This does not mean you should cross them off the list. Call them, send emails with new offers and discounts. The power of following up on a prospect cannot be understated.


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