Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder facing pressure to change team name

NFL's Washington Redskins Facing Pressure To Change Team Name

NFL's Washington Redskins team owner, Dan Snyder, has been under more pressure in recent weeks to change the name of his team, given the national focus on human rights and social justice after the death of George Floyd in Minnesota. 

The Washington Redskins name controversy involves the name and logo of the Washington Redskins. Native Americans have been questioning the use of the name and image since the 1960s, while the topic has received widespread public attention since the 1990s.

Money Talks:

  • FedEx, which has naming rights to the team's stadium under a $205 million deal that runs until 2025, requested the team change its name.
  • Sponsors Nike and PepsiCo also reportedly are under pressure to sever ties with the team unless it changes its name, Adweek has reported.
  • On Thursday night, Nike appeared to remove all Redskins gear from its online store. The other 31 NFL teams were listed, and a search for "Redskins'' came up with no results.
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