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New Facebook Products For Your Hustle

Facebook has come out and added a new suite of products. They have added new communication channels, added incentives for creators, and business owners.

IG Live: In-stream Ads will now be on IGTV. Instagram will split 55% of Ad revenue with creators on IGTV. This creates 2 new opportunities: 

1) A new way to generate income.

2) A placement for advertisers to leverage.

Messenger Rooms: Facebook launched Messenger rooms. You can chat up with your friends even if they don’t have a Facebook account through your News Feed, Groups, and Events. Rooms will soon be able to have 50 people on one video call. 

  • With the rise of Zoom during this pandemic, it makes you wonder how this launch will affect the video call landscape. 

Facebook Shop: You will now be able to browse and buy products directly from a businesses Facebook Page or Instagram profile. Shopping already exists on the platforms but they are taking it a step further. Browsers will now be able to buy the products directly from a store’s Facebook or Instagram page. 

  • This is a game changer for all entrepreneurs. Any seller, no matter their size or budget, can bring their business online and connect with customers wherever and whenever it’s convenient for them. 
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