LinkedIn Marketing & Why Its Crucial For Your Business

LinkedIn Marketing & Why Its Crucial For Your Business

LinkedIn is popular among professionals and for the right reasons. It is a great way to position your business for discovery, finding prime talents and promoting business.

 And yes, LinkedIn is a great place to market your business. Especially if you are a small brand starting out and hoping to gain recognition and leadership within the industry. 


What is LinkedIn Marketing?

Marketing on LinkedIn is one of the best options for B2B companies to reach the right people and make the right connections. LinkedIn marketing means using the platform to grow a network of professionals, to increase brand exposure, build a professional reputation for your business and to find customers. This is done by using the LinkedIn ads, sharing valuable and compelling content, employee advocacy and growing a large network of professionals within your industry. Here is why you should start LinkedIn marketing today


Generate leads for your business 

Lead generation is a very big part of what LinkedIn does for its user’s asides from professional connections and marketing. LinkedIn lets you create highly targeted ads for your desired audience. You can find people who will be interested in your business with these ads. And you could go a step further by following up leads and converting potential customers to long-time clients.


Thought leadership on LinkedIn leads to Partnerships 

How does sharing valuable ideas, insights, and thoughts market your business more than anything else on LinkedIn? By demonstrating that you are a credible business and by establishing your competence in the industry, you grow an audience. 

Amongst these people that look out for daily content for you are valuable connections that can open doors of opportunities for your company. If you are a well-known thought leader on LinkedIn, your brand will be the first to be recommended for any partnerships or business opportunities.


Increase your reach with employee advocacy

Each employee that follows a company page is a new connection that leads to a whole network of new people you would have never reached without doing so. This is why LinkedIn marketing is crucial for your business, it leads to your brand being discovered by people who may turn into valuable leads, advocates and connections.


Increase the reach of company content

The importance of content marketing cannot be overemphasized for businesses. Normally, content that you publish for customers will be reserved for your company website and the various platforms you put it on. But LinkedIn marketing takes your content out of a secluded corner and puts it in front of the millions of LinkedIn users. How? LinkedIn has an in-built publishing platform that allows you to share content directly on LinkedIn. If you prove to be a thought leader, your content can end up in the emails of millions of subscribers too. Tell me a better way to market your brand. 

There are boundless possibilities that abound with using LinkedIn marketing for your business. It is a great way to grow your company’s

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