Kawhi Leondard Loses Rights to Nike Logo

Kawhi Leonard Loses Rights To 'Klaw Logo' To Nike

Kawhi Leonard is closely identified with the Klaw logo. When you see the logo, you think of him. But as the Los Angeles Clippers star learned on Wednesday, the logo being about Leonard doesn’t make him its owner. According to a new ruling by a federal judge, the logo belongs to Nike.

Leonard was a Nike athlete and was signed to their Jordan brand. He had worked with Nike on a logo that featured Leonard’s distinctly large hands. The same hands that have been measured at 11.5 inches across and have made him into a four-time All-Star and one of the NBA’s best defensive players.

Leonard designed the logo while he was playing basketball in college for San Diego State in 2009-2011. He shared the designs with Nike when he signed his endorsement deal during his rookie season with the San Antonio Spurs. Over the years, Nike relied on the design to develop related properties, including variations of the logo. Leonard became a superstar in the NBA and parted ways with Nike. He signed an endorsement deal with New Balance and demanded a court declaration that he is the sole author of the logo and that Nike engaged in fraud by registering what he regards as his logo with the U.S Copyright Office in Washington, D.C.

Leonard’s case against Nike backfired against him. He filed his case in the wrong jurisdiction and all the evidence is pointing that Nike is in the right. Leondard had signed a contract with Nike and part of this contract states that any activity done with Leondard will belong to Nike. Unless Leondard comes back to court with evidence that he designed the original, the logo will belong to Nike. 

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