Beyonce releases Black Parade in support of black businesses

Beyoncé Releases 'Black Parade'

Beyoncé released a surprise new song titled Black Parade, shortly after announcing a project by the same name supporting black-owned businesses.

  • Beyoncé also launched ‘Black Parade Route.’ An online business directory that showcases black owned businesses. Beyoncé has come out and made an immediate impact to the current state of affairs towards the black community.
  • A lot of companies have come out in solidarity with Black Lives Matterand the social injustice but actions will always speak louder than words. Gen Z is not afraid to call out a brand for being hypocritical to what they say and the actions they take. Audiences now judge brands on offline aspects such as employee actions and business goals.
  • Beyoncé’s track provided optimism in a time where it’s severely needed. With everything that has happened in the past 4 weeks, this track provided hope for the future. It celebrated the black community and everything that it has to offer. No matter how grim things are, we are going to be the change agents for a better future. 
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