7 Useful Productivity Hacks

7 Useful Productivity Hacks

How many times have you gone through an entire day without getting a thing done? Let’s face it. It is really hard to get real work done. From distractions to procrastination, there is a lot that can stop us from doing. Try these productivity tasks out and end the day fulfilled.

Write a To-Do List

If you start out each day with a list of things to do in your head, you probably end the day without completing most of them. There is a high chance you will forget. When this happens, you have nothing to remind you. This is why you should get it on down on paper or a phone. You could also use your PC. The most important thing is to have a place that you can reference.

You can also set out how you plan to accomplish your task. Mapping this out is easier on paper than in your head.

Eliminate Distractions

There is a lot of things that your mind can wander to when working. Distraction is a productivity killer. Try to remain alert and conscious while working. You should also work in a distraction-free area that is free of things that tend to sidetrack you.

Prioritize Tasks

The truth is that finishing all the tasks you have set out to complete in one day is not always possible. You might run out of time or something unexpected might come up. But what you can do is to ensure that you finish the most important tasks.

Place your tasks on the to-do list based on how important they are. Focus on them and finish them first. Push less important tasks to later hours or the next day. Another option is to delegate your tasks if you face a challenge.

Set A Time Limits On Tasks

Allot a certain amount of time to each task. This way you do not get caught up in doing one thing and not moving to the next. Setting a time for each task will keep you in control of your day. Use a timer to track time and remind you when you need to stop. However, remember to set realistic time limits. Let the time limits match the tasks you need to complete.

Complete Tasks

When you have a lot to do, you might be tempted to try to do as many things as possible within as little time as possible. This is a sure path to confusion. Moving back and forth between tasks will affect your concentration and probably change the clear path of thoughts you are having. If you feel stuck, try taking a break and then continue. 

Do Not Multi-Task

Multitasking is an easy trap to fall into. How about trying not to get five things done at once? It really doesn’t work. Doing more than one task at a time makes you retain less information, work slower and waste time,

Stay Away From The Phone

We all know how it goes. You pick up your phone to check an email, then you click on a Facebook notification. Twenty minutes later, you are watching funny cat videos. To avoid this, try to mute notifications for the length of time you are working. Some devices let you put timers on apps so that if you do use them, you will be reminded to stop after some time.

These hacks work differently for everyone. Start following them and develop your unique way of being productive. Nothing will ever beat the feeling of accomplishment that comes with a productive day.


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